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3rd Grade Math Division Games and Activities You Need to Try

Your students have learned and know their division strategies. Now what? Try 3rd-Grade math division games and activities that will engage your students, and provide feedback for both you and the kids.

After kids learn all of the division strategies, it’s important for them to put in some practice to review them. I wrote a post on 3rd-grade division strategies here if you want to check that out first. 

There are two ways I have students practice- with independent activities and games. I’ll talk about both in this post.

Review Slides for Independent Review

Review slides are a great way for kids to practice 3rd grade division math. You can create self-checking slides and use them either in a classroom or for virtual learning at home. 

Here’s a tutorial I add to the Google Slides file my students use so they know how to complete the slides independently. The slides in this video are addition review slides but it works the same way for all of the self-checking review slides I give my students. 

What I love about assigning self-checking slides is that kids get immediate feedback. If they are working on it in the classroom and get an incorrect problem, they can ask me for assistance.

The way these slides work in a virtual classroom is kids can work at their own pace and get feedback immediately. This is especially helpful if the teacher isn’t live teaching and not able to be with students while they are completing the slides.

Division Boom Cards

Another resource I use for independent practice is Boom Cards on the Boom Learning website. Boom cards are digital task cards where students get immediate feedback. I have a paid subscription so I also get reports of student progress and scores. 

I wrote a post about 5 reasons you should be using Boom Cards. You can check it out here for more information about Boom Cards. 

When I assign the division boom cards I make sure to have a mix of division equations as well as word problems. In the classroom, the kids have access to the division strategies in their notebooks to help them solve the problems.


In a virtual classroom, I would make sure they have access to these anchor charts to help them. 

As they complete the Boom Cards I can view my report in real time and see who is struggling and provide assistance. 

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Division Scavenger Hunt Game

After reviewing all the division strategies and practicing independently we come together for a fun game. A favorite game of ours is Division Scavenger Hunt


The students go around the room to solve division equations and word problems to collect letters that are connected to the correct answers. The object of the game is to collect all the letters that form a mystery phrase. 

As kids are solving problems, I go around and offer assistance to those that need it. I sometimes will challenge them to see who the first 3 are to figure out the mystery phrase. 

One tip I have is to include distracting (or wrong) answers to avoid kids collecting only letters and not solving the problems. 

Sometimes I’ll do the digital version of the scavenger hunt game instead. It’s in Google Forms and the kids collect letters as they solve the same division problems that are in the paper version. 


Using the digital version is also helpful for kids that may have been absent and need extra practice. It’s easy to assign to them in Google Classroom so they can work on it independently.

Reviewing 3rd Grade Math Division All Year

After playing review games during your 3rd grade math division unit, you’ll likely continue practicing division the rest of the year. I bring back some of these activities and games at the end of the year because I find that more practice doesn’t hurt. 

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