Hey there elementary educators, get teaching strategies, advice and resources to help you teach the standards and save time while helping students achieve success in a fun way.

Do you struggle with...

  • finding literacy and math resources that cover the standards but are also engaging for students?


  • having the time to plan and prepare activities that your students will love?


  • students achieving success because your curriculum lacks the necessary engagement and attention to student needs?

Here's how my resources can help you:


The content in my resources is research-based with the standards in mind. They’re created by a veteran teacher and have been used in real-life classrooms.


Easy Prep

You won’t spend a lot of time preparing my resources or planning how to teach them. My resources are easy to prepare and use.



I share activities and games that make teaching fun and make learning something students look forward to.


Teacher Favorites

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Hi there! I’m Marlene

I help teachers and parents transform their literacy and math lessons so their students enjoy them and retain what they learn.

I’ve been teaching for more than 15 years so I know it can sometimes be difficult to find resources that both cover the standards and students and teachers enjoy.

I also know it can be difficult to find quality resources and ideas when you have little time as it is. I’d love for you to join me on this teaching journey so I show you ways to make an impact while saving time.

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