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5 Books To Add To Your Fraction Lesson Plans

Here are five picture books that would be great additions to your fraction lesson plans. Everything from wholes and halves to comparing fractions is covered.

Fraction Math Books for Kids

The Pizza Problem from the series Peg + Cat is a fun book for introducing wholes and halves. It’s a fiction story about Peg and Cat who own a pizza business. When they open up the restaurant they have some trouble understanding a customer’s order because they ask for half.


After figuring out that two halves make a whole, Peg and Cat run into another problem. The customers love their pizza so much that they keep ordering more.  So their newest dilemma is figuring out if they have enough halves to keep everyone happy.


Math Children’s Book for Fraction Lesson Plans

This is another winning book from Brian Cleary called A Fractions Goal- Parts of a Whole. This is a great book to add to your fraction lesson plans because it introduces math vocabulary like the word denominator. With humor and rhyme, it teaches fractions of a whole as well as fractions of a group.


Picture Books for Fraction Lesson Plans

Full House: An Invitation to Fractions is a simple story that helps kids understand parts of a whole when divided into sixths. Each time a guest arrives and needs a room, one-sixth of the house is full. After getting a full house, Miss Bloom discovers the guests are downstairs and have eaten a fraction of the cake.


Children’s Books to Teach Math Concepts

Whole-y Cow! Fractions are Fun is a cute book for talking about unit fractions. Cow finds herself in various situations throughout the book. After each situation, the author asks questions like “What fraction of the cow’s legs are hurt?” It’s a great way to introduce unit fractions as you read and stop to talk about the math.


Teaching Fractions Book

If You Were a Fraction helps kids see that fractions are found in everyday life. It talks about fractional parts of a whole such as one window pane is broken out of 4. So one-fourth of the window pane is broken.

Fair shares are discussed next when Josie and Jackie share their candy bar with Johnny and Joey. Which pig gets the most cookies? Comparing fractions is important when it comes to sweets!

I hope you found some books to add to your fraction lesson plans! If you’re looking for ideas for activities and games, you can check out my blog post HERE.

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