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5 Practical Reasons You Should Be Using Boom Cards Right Now

You need e-learning resources but don’t know where to start. You search the interwebs for hours upon hours trying to find the right materials for your students.

The frustration is real! Especially when you need e-learning resources for different subjects and skills.

Have you used digital task cards yet? Digital task cards like Boom Cards are perfect for the paperless classroom, classrooms that have devices and e-learning at home. Here are 5 reasons you should be using Boom Cards.


E-Learning Resources Use Less Paper

Using digital task cards like Boom Cards is a great way to save on paper because everything is completed online. The kids won’t need to record answers on paper.

A paperless tip for solving Math problems is to have students use dry-erase boards.

Get Student Reports with Boom Cards

One of my favorite features is being able to get live student reports.

While students work on their task cards, I’m able to see how each individual student performs. If a kid struggles, I can intervene and help out. The report also helps me check on the kids that are on and off-task.

Another section in the report lets you see how the class is doing overall for each question. This information helps because if most of the class struggles with a particular type of problem, I can do a whole group mini-lesson to clear up any confusion.


Students Receive Immediate Feedback

When students complete a task card, they get immediate feedback about their answers. If it’s incorrect, the program lets them know and they can try again. (You have the option to change the settings for student feedback.) If it’s correct, they get the sound of a bell ring.

My kids have mentioned that they love that part!

I like the immediate student feedback because it forces the kids to attempt those problems that may be a bit more difficult. They can work through it until they get it right.

Ultimately that’s what I want. For the kids to understand the math problems.


E-Learning Online At Home

Are you required to assign e-learning resources to students at home? Boom Cards are a great way for kids to practice different skills at home.

You can make your own Boom Cards or purchase sets that are ready to go. The kids log on with the username and password you assign them.

The students complete the digital task cards and you get a report. A super easy and practical way of learning at home!

Use Boom Cards When You Have a Substitute

Do you hate to make paper copies for substitutes? I sure do! I like to assign things that will keep the kids busy but also cover the standards we are working on.

Boom Cards are a great solution! You can assign task cards to the class and leave instructions with the substitute for how the kids will access. When you return to class, you can pull up the reports to see how the kids did.

No more searching the interwebs for hours! If you’d like, I’ll send you a sample file so you can try out different skills using Boom Cards.

Just fill out the info below and I’ll send them to you!

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