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5 Rounding to the Nearest Hundred (and Ten!) Activities: Kid Tested

Rounding is one of those skills that kids need to learn and then practice multiple times. Below I’m sharing 5 activities you can do to help kids with rounding to the nearest ten and hundred. 

Rounding Anchor Charts

I usually start with an anchor chart when I teach a new math skill. Rounding has few steps that kids need to remember so it’s a good idea to have an anchor chart for the kids to refer to.


I use a pre-made digital anchor chart that the kids help me complete using the “Your Turn” slides. It takes them step-by-step through the process of rounding using a number line. Then they try out the skill by completing the “Your Turn” slides. 

What I love about using digital anchor charts is, if a kid is absent, I can assign them the anchor chart slides so they can get the lesson when they return. 

I can also print out the slides for kids to put in their math notebooks for future reference. 


Rounding Video

If kids are not understanding how to round using the number line on the anchor charts, they can try Mr. Demaio’s method. His Youtube video on rounding is by far my favorite. The kids love it! 

Mr. Demaio uses puppet characters to teach kids how to round to the nearest ten and hundred. He uses a more traditional method of circling the place value number and using that to figure out how to round.

The video is super engaging so the kids remember the steps for rounding. 

Using Task Cards to Help Kids Round

There are 3 types of task cards I use to help kids practice rounding: paper-based task cards, Google Slides task cards and Boom Cards. 


Paper-based Rounding task cards are printed out and placed around the room. Kids have a recording sheet and go around the room to solve the rounding problems. 

I wrote a blog post about 3 ways you can paper-based use task cards HERE. They’re great for independent practice or partner work. 


Google Slides task cards are great for distance learning or if you’d like for kids to complete them digitally in the classroom. I can also easily differentiate them by selecting only certain slides for each student. Check out a blog post I wrote HERE about how to easily differentiate math using technology.

I think my most favorite task cards for digital learning are Boom Cards. The only thing is, a subscription is needed if you’d like to use it with more than 5 kids and use the extra features. 

But the subscription is so worth it in my opinion! Boom Cards are digital task cards that give students immediate feedback.

When you assign the Rounding Boom Cards you can delete the ones you don’t want them to complete.  If you have the paid subscription you get a report with their score so you don’t even need to grade them!

If you’d like to read more about Boom Cards, check out this post.


Incorporating these activities into my rounding lesson plans has made it easier to help my students learn and practice how to round to the nearest hundred and ten.

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