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3 Fun Resources to Help Kids Practice Multiplication Facts

In 3rd-grade kids start needing to know their multiplication facts. It’s the foundation to other skills they’ll learn as they get into the higher grades like fractions. When kids practice multiplication facts it should be fun so they are more likely to do it.

Here are 3 fun resources for helping kids practice their multiplication facts. Your students will beg to practice again and again!

Claim it! Multiplication Facts Game

Claim it! is such a fun fast-paced game for practicing multiplication facts.

The object of the game is to make multiplication fact matches and get rid of all cards. 


This is a great game to play after students have learned all of the multiplication facts. Theyโ€™ll be motivated to learn them so they can do well in the game.

However, this game can be differentiated so that only certain tables are included. This helps those kids that have a hard time memorizing those higher tables like 7โ€™s, 8โ€™s and 9โ€™s.

You can have kids play this in groups all at one time or the game can be used in a math center.

“My students love playing this game! It keeps them constantly thinking about the different factors that will get the product. They love to yell “Claim it!” Very fun and educational!” -Julie A.

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Multiplication Facts Memory Games

Memory games are a classic for practicing multiplication facts. Just like in Claim it!, the object of the game is to make matches but this time the winner is the player with the most matches.

To create a memory game you write multiplication facts on one set of cards and their product on the other. 

Have kids place the cards in rows and columns. Players take turns turning over cards to see if they have a match. If a match is made, the player gets to keep the cards.


You can also have kids record the multiplication fact matches they make, for accountability.

Having kids write down the matches also helps the teacher check student work.

You can use only one fact table in a game or have a mix of different facts. Just like Claim it!, it can be differentiated.

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Multiplication Facts Bingo Blitz

Multiplication Facts Bingo is not your average bingo game. It’s played like regular bingo.

Except, watch out for the Yikes cards! When students turn over one of those cards, they have to remove 1 or 2 counters from their board.

The kids go crazy over that part and are always on the edge of their seats to see if a Yikes card will be drawn!


Multiplication Facts Bingo Blitz is a great way to review multiplication facts throughout the year. You can also use it in a center for extra practice.

“My summer school students loved this! It was great engagement with the students and a great practice of their multiplication and division facts.”

– Madison M. about the Multiplication and Division Bingo Blitz Bundle

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