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How to Fit Multiplication Fact Practice Games into Your Curriculum

Playing multiplication fact practice games is one of the easiest ways to help kids learn their multiplication facts.

When kids are having fun, they are able to retain the information they are learning.

Because our days are filled with other skills that we must teach, it can be difficult to have kids practice their facts at school.

In this blog post, I’m sharing 5 ideas for fitting multiplication fact practice games into your curriculum.

Morning Choice

Do you have your students in your classroom before the bell rings or the school day starts?

Have Morning Choice activities available for kids to work on before school starts. This could be reading, writing, drawing or math games.

This is a great time for kids to get in some multiplication fact practice. Have a couple of games available for kids and let them play with a partner.

To keep it interesting, switch out the games every other week or even just once a month. You can always bring back those same games and they’ll play like the games are new!

Centers or Rotations

If you do math workshop or do centers in your class, create a multiplication fact practice center or make it a rotation in math workshop.

If you want kids to be held accountable for the work they do during that time, have them write down all the facts they practiced on a sheet of paper or notebook.

Or you could have them play the multiplication facts games when they are in small group with you.

Early Finisher

When you teach a math skill, there will usually be kids that finish their work really quickly because they are really strong in math.

This is a great time for them to play multiplication fact games. And this can be done year-round for lots of practice. Not just when you’re in your multiplication unit.

Partner up kids that are equally strong in whichever math skill you are teaching. That way they are likely to have someone to play with because both partners will be finished with their work.


Game Day

Have a multiplication fact practice game day once a week. Either shorten the math skill lesson for the day or skip it and have students practice their multiplication facts.

Or have game day on assessment days. Those math blocks tend to be shorter because the assessment is the only thing planned for that block.

A note on assessments: I give assessments that are usually no longer than 10 problems. I find that 10 will give me enough data to determine if a student has grasped the math concept.

What a better way to celebrate finishing a skill than by playing a game after the test?!


Multiplication Facts Practice Games As Independent Practice

When you’re in the middle of your multiplication facts unit, games can take the place of independent practice.

The goal is for kids to learn their multiplication facts. It doesn’t mean that has to be done with paper and pencil.

In fact, kids will be more likely to retain the facts if there’s an added element of fun.

So you can teach the multiplication facts lesson for 10-15 minutes. And then partner up or group kids and let them practice those facts in a fun way.

There are so many fun multiplication fact practice games to help kids retain the facts. Just find ways to fit them in and you’ll see how beneficial they can be!


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