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What Are Other Kids Doing During Small Group Math Instruction?

Teaching math effectively involves providing intervention in small groups. However, it can be challenging to keep the rest of the class engaged and productive while we work with a small group. 

There’s a variety of things the rest of the kids can do while the teacher does small-group math instruction.

small group instruction bingo game

Math Games

Learning and practicing math with games is a great way to make it educational and enjoyable at the same time.

Bingo games are easy to prep and all you need are some type of game marker like counters.

They can be played with a partner or in a math group. Choose games that have answer keys so they can be student-led and the kids can play without teacher assistance.

Each quarter, plan out the skills you want kids to practice through math games. Then print and prep the materials and have them ready. 

You’ll be able to easily pull out a game that reinforces the math skill you’re teaching when you’re planning your lessons for the week.

small group instruction flashcards

Math Flashcards

Flashcards are a great resource for students to practice essential math facts, formulas, or vocabulary. 

While you’re working with a small group, encourage the other kids to review these flashcards independently or with a partner. 

You can use timers so the kids can time themselves as they practice, to help with fluency. If you don’t have timers and have devices, online timers like this one work great. 

small group instruction multiplication lesson

Online Math Resources

Online math resources provide students with the opportunity to interact with math concepts in a digital way.

You can use your district-mandated online math program which will allow them to work on their math level so that little guidance is needed while you work with other students.

If you don’t have an online math program, kids can use something like IXL to practice math facts or teacher-created activities.

small group instruction blocks for math project

Math Mini Project

Applying math to real life in a mini-project allows students to apply their math skills in real-world scenarios.

This fosters critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Prepare a list of mini-projects related to the current math unit and provide guidelines for students to complete. 

Some examples of mini-projects could include designing a budget for a fictional event, creating a survey, graph and analyzing the data, or even building a scale model using geometric shapes.

These projects encourage kids to explore math beyond the classroom, giving them a deeper understanding of its relevance and practical application.

small group math instruction worksheets

Math Worksheets or Workbook

If you have a math workbook that students are required to use, have them complete the pages that correspond to the math skills you’re currently working on.

Although they shouldn’t be the only tool used when teaching math, math worksheets and workbooks allow kids to work independently so you can reinforce the skills you’ve taught.

Having students complete a worksheet or workbook page also allows the teacher to assess how they did while working independently. You can use the data to form small groups the following day.

Having a variety of activities for kids to do during math small group time allows you to easily switch up what kids are doing. You can do all of these activities every day or rotate them in a way that works best for you.

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