2nd Grade Review Breakout Scavenger Hunt

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2nd-grade math review is fun with this unique scavenger hunt game. Students will review 2nd-grade math skills while having fun at the same time. As they solve math problems, they’ll collect letters and numbers in a scavenger hunt that creates a breakout code.

This resource includes:

  •  12 Second Grade Math Review Problem Cards that will get your kids up and moving while solving math problems (Students will review these math skills that are built upon in 3rd grade: 2 and 3-digit addition and subtraction, rounding to the nearest ten, repeated addition, the perimeter of a shape,fractions- halves, fourths and wholes)
  • Answer Cards to set up around the classroom so your kids are engaged in a scavenger hunt as they search for the answers and the breakout code letters and numbers
  • Distracter Answer Cards with the wrong answers to add an optional challenge
  • Student Recording Sheet so kids can keep track of their answers and breakout code letters and numbers
  • Answer Key so teachers can quickly check student work
  • Teacher Directions for Setting Up so you know exactly how to set up and implement the scavenger hunt
  • A Google Forms Version of the Breakout Code so kids can record their code online and see if they broke out
  • A Google Forms Version of the Entire Scavenger Hunt so kids can do the activity online. (There is a half and full version to help with differentiation and accommodations.)
  • Breakout Celebration Sheet for kids to either receive once they have broken out or for kids to take a picture with to show that they broke out


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2nd Grade Review Breakout Scavenger Hunt

Original price was: $4.75.Current price is: $3.56.