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Hate Teaching? How to Enjoy it Once Again

Do you hate teaching? Maybe you’ve been in this career for a while or maybe it’s one of your first years.

If you do, it’s okay to feel that way. I can bet that every single teacher has had this sentiment at least one time in their career. Myself included.

Many of us went into teaching to make a difference. We see it more as a calling than a job. But it can be a very difficult and sometimes lonely profession.

If you hate teaching but know that it’s the job you’re meant to have, there are things you can try to love it again. In this post, I’m sharing some ideas for how to enjoy teaching once again.

Stay on Contracted Time (Leave Work at Work)

I know this is difficult for first-year teachers or teachers in a new grade. But leaving work after your contract time is over can be helpful in feeling refreshed as a teacher and not hate it so much.

Find ways to use your contracted time in the most efficient way. Find pockets of time where you notice you’re not getting work done. 

For me, that used to be that I would chat with coworkers during my specials (resource) time. Instead, now I grade papers or plan lessons for the following week or day. 

And there will always be more work to do. So when your contract time is over, just go home. It’s ok to leave the school work at school. 

Even if you finish it for the day, there will always be something else to do.


Find a Supportive School or District

If you have unreasonable demands from your school or district, maybe it’s time to find a new one.

And I know it’s easier said than done. But in the long run, if you can find a supportive school or district, you’ll be much happier.

Find a school or district that treats you as the professional you are. 

Find a place where you’re able to have the freedom to teach how you want to teach. 

You want to work in a place that does what’s best for kids but also respects you as the teacher to those kids.


Plan Something Enjoyable You Will Do at the End of Each Day

Plan enjoyable things to do at the end of each day. Whether it’s watching a favorite Netflix show or doing a 30-minute Target trip. (Although 30 minutes in Target doesn’t seem doable.) 

When you have something to look forward to, it makes each day much more enjoyable.


Take Mental Days off to Do Things Like Getting a Haircut 

Take mental days off. I know this may not be possible if you live in an area with a substitute shortage. But if you have sick or personal days, use them. This goes back to finding a supportive school or district. 

Your mental health is so important and sometimes you just need a day off to do something for yourself. 

Take the day off and have lunch with a friend or get your hair done. 

Sometimes these mental days off is just enough to help us feel refreshed again.


Plan Fun New Ways to Teach Your Lessons So You’re Excited to Teach Them

Plan some new fun ways to teach your lessons. This will help you get excited and look forward to teaching them.

Need to review a skill? Play a game to review the material. Introducing a new skill? How can you introduce it in a fun way?

Creating fun and engaging lessons will not only get you excited to teach but your students will be excited too. And that response will get you excited and creates a fun environment in your classroom.

I know this is a difficult career. But it doesn’t have to be a painful job where you’re just trying to get through each day.

I hope that if you hate teaching, you’ll learn to love it again.

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