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Printable and Digital Multiplication Games Kids Love

Multiplication is one of my favorite things to teach in 3rd grade. The kids are excited to learn this new big kid skill and are ready for it!

Here are some of my favorite 3rd-grade digital and printable multiplication games that kids love.

Multiplication Bingo Game

This is a fun way to practice multiplication facts. It’s a bingo game with a twist! For this game, you need bingo boards that have the answers to multiplication facts, bingo cards with multiplication facts, and some type of counter to cover up spaces on the boards.

This is a bingo game with a twist so you also need cards that tell the players to take off one counter and ones that say take off two counters.

You can play this whole group or divide your class up into groups. Each player should have a bingo board and some type of counter. You can use pasta as a cheap alternative!

If you play with the whole class at the same time, you’ll only need one set of multiplication fact calling cards. If you split up the class into groups, give each group a set of cards.

How to Play Multiplication Bingo Blitz

Player one (or the teacher) turns over a bingo card from the stack. If the card is a multiplication fact, everyone covers the answer to that fact on their bingo board.

Here’s the twist: If the card says to take off a counter or two counters, the player whose turn it is has to follow those directions. That’s the fun part! They never know when they will lose counters.

Each player takes turns until someone gets 5 in a row. Bingo! So much fun and they can play a new game by simply exchanging boards.

You can also play Bingo Blitz online using Google Slides. I created a set of Multiplication Facts Bingo Blitz boards in Google Slides to go along with the printable version.


Multiplication Review Scavenger Hunt

When reviewing our multiplication skills, I like playing a whole class game called Multiplication Scavenger Hunt.

For this printable multiplication review game, you’ll need cards with multiplication problems. I like to include facts, word problems, missing factors, and multiplication properties.

How to Set Up the Math Scavenger Hunt

Write the answers to the problems on separate cards. Choose 4-8 non-answers and make “distractor” cards. These distract kids from just collecting all of the letters.

With distractors, they need to work at finding the answers. You’ll also want to have a recording sheet and answer sheet for yourself.

Depending on the number of problem cards you made, decide on a word or phrase that has the same number of letters.

So if you have 10 problems, come up with a phrase that has 10 letters. (This part is hard!) Write those letters on the answer cards in order of problem. So problem #1 will have the first letter of the phrase written on the card and so on.

Hang up or tape the answer cards (including distractor cards) around the room. Spread out the problem cards on tables or desks.

Create a recording sheet for kids to fill in. I highly recommend this part because recording the answers and the letters can get confusing if they don’t have something to fill in.

Also, have an answer key ready for yourself to check work.

Student Instructions for the Math Scavenger Hunt

The kids will start by solving problems on the cards. They record their answer and then find the answer on one of the answer cards. Once they find their answer (if they are correct) they record the letter that goes with that answer.

For example, if they found their answer was 3 on one of the answer cards, and the letter b is on that answer card, they record the letter b as well on the answer sheet.

After all the answers have been found, the letters create a phrase. (They should be in order not scrambled.) The first, second, and third kids to figure out the phrase and have all the correct answers win.

The prize is bragging rights! Not everyone will finish and that is ok! The practice they got during the scavenger hunt was valuable.

I created a digital version for this scavenger hunt in Google Forms so it’s easy to play online!

The form takes students through each problem and gives them the letters to collect for the mystery phrase. At the end of the form, kids type in the mystery phrase and see if they got it right.


Multiplication Facts Memory Mayhem

A fun way for kids to practice and memorize multiplication facts is by playing a good old-fashioned game of memory.

But in Memory Mayhem there are some twists and turns with wild matches and putting back matches!

Because kids are at different levels with the facts they know, you’ll want to create a set of memory cards for each of the multiplication tables. These are perfect for small groups and one-on-one practice.


I hope this post gave you some ideas for fun 3rd-grade digital and printable multiplication games to play with your students.

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