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3 Ways to Make 3rd-Grade Math Review More Fun

It’s time for some 3rd-grade math review and maybe you’re stuck on what to do. Or maybe you want to change things up. 

In this post, I’m sharing 3 ways to review 3rd-grade math. And they’re all easy to implement because you don’t need a lot of materials.

Check out these 3 ways for making 3rd-grade math review more fun!

Play Blooket

If you haven’t tried Blooket, you need to run and try it with your class. My kids are OBSESSED. 

One note: Your students will need to each have their own device or access to devices.

Our favorite game to play on Blooket is the Gold Quest game. Players answer questions and have the opportunity to get more gold, lose gold, or switch their gold stash with another player!

If you’ve ever played Kahoot or Quizizz, it’s similar in that you choose an already made Blooket on any topic you’d like or create your own. 


My recommendation is to choose 3rd-grade math skills that don’t involve too much thinking. Because the game WILL get loud and it will be chaotic fun.

Some skills that work well are multiplication facts, division facts, area and perimeter, identifying fractions, rounding, and geometry. 

There’s one downside. Your kids will BEG to play. Every. Minute. Of. The. Day. So be aware!

Kids Create Their Own 3rd-grade Math Review Game

Kids can review 3rd-grade math skills by creating a game for their peers to play.

Here’s my suggestion. Assign a skill to each student and have them create a game such as a board game for that skill. I usually like to see what kids come up with so I don’t give a lot of instructions on what they have to do.

Give them supplies they might need like blank paper, crayons, scissors, card stock, etc. Anything you have on hand could work.


Let students know they need to include clear step-by-step directions so that the other kids know how to play. (You could even integrate How-To writing and teach how to write directions that others can follow.)

After the games are created, have a game day! You can create a schedule and have kids rotate through each game. They’ll have fun and review 3rd-grade math skills at the same time. 

Play a Scavenger Hunt Game

Another way to implement a 3rd-grade math review is by having students complete a scavenger hunt

This is one of my favorite ways to review at the end of a unit. Students have to solve math problems and collect letters to a mystery phrase. 

The letters are located with the correct answers and are posted around the room. But there’s a twist! Because not all of the answers that are posted are correct. There are some distractors mixed in so they need to be careful. This prevents kids from just collecting all the letters. 


As kids work, you can walk around and help anyone that is struggling with one-on-one intervention work. 

Once they’ve collected all of the letters, they create their mystery phrase!

I’ve also done a Google Forms version where kids work independently and collect letters as they input answers into the form. 


Give one of these activities a try or try all of them! One thing is for sure. Your students will have fun reviewing!

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