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3 Picture Books to Read During Native American Heritage Month

Read about 3 picture books that are perfect for celebrating Native American Heritage Month. They’re great for November or any time of the year.


The Very First Americans

This book is a great one to debunk the myth that Christopher Columbus discovered America. This book tells the story about The Very First Americans. The author gives facts about how the first Americans arrived, what they ate and where they lived. There is also information about where their ancestors are now. We do a DBQ (document-based question) every November about whether or not Columbus was a villain. This is a great book to follow-up with and learn about those first Americans.  


I Am Sacagawea

Sacagawea was the only girl and Native American to join Lewis and Clark’s famous expedition. She was a translator that helped the team communicate with members from the Shoshone tribe. To top that off, she carried her own child on her back the whole way. How amazing! I Am Sacagawea is a great book that shows kids that no matter your background or gender, you can do great things.


Stolen Words

Stolen Words is a story about a little girl that wants to learn how to say something in her grandfather’s native language of Cree. The grandfather tells his granddaughter about how he was taken as a child to a new town and school. At this new school, grandfather wasn’t allowed to speak his language and was forced to forget it and speak the language of the new place. The little girl sets out to help her grandfather learn his native language again. Both kids and adults can learn a lesson from this powerful story.

Are there any books you love to read that celebrate Native American Heritage Month? Let me know so I can add them to my list!

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