Helping Kids Decode Multisyllabic Words Workshop



Is your child having trouble reading words with more than one syllable?

This workshop is for you! It was created to help educators teach kids how to break apart multisyllabic words so they can become thriving readers. 

👉 You don’t have to be a certified teacher to take this workshop and use the resources. It’s for any parent or teacher that wants to help their child (or students) read words that have 2 or more syllables. ☀️ Summer is a great time to help them so they’re ready for the new school year.

If you have a child, that is struggling with reading longer words, they are most likely struggling with comprehending what they read. In order to read longer texts, kids need to be successful at decoding multisyllabic words. 

And this workshop will teach you how to help them do just that. Resources are included so you can just print and teach.


Here’s what parents and teachers have said about using my resources that help kids decode multisyllabic words:

Get instant access to this pre-recorded video workshop:

  • Step-by-Step guidance through a proven strategy that helps kids break apart longer words (words with multiple syllables)
  • 6 syllable types, schwa, odd syllables, and ideas for teaching them (Syllable types are very important when teaching kids how to break apart big words.)
  • You’ll get practical ideas for instruction and practice that are engaging for kids.
  • BONUSES: In addition to the workshop, you’ll receive two bonus resources that will help you implement everything from the workshop right away- Decoding Multisyllabic Words Activities Bundle for Words with 2-5 Syllables and Syllable Types Not Your Average Bingo Game. These resources have games and activities that make practicing this skill fun. 


👉 If you need help during the workshop you can email [email protected] to get extra support. You’re not on your own!

Don't need the support and just want a resource to use with your child or students? Click the button below:


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Helping Kids Decode Multisyllabic Words Workshop